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Please Allow me to Introduce Myself …

Not so much a man of wealth and taste. One out of three aint so bad.

Welcome. This is the first post for what I hope will be a blog useful for others and myself. I think that the discipline of producing posts/articles on a regular basis and that will be publicly available will force some structure and productivity on me.

My hope is that I will produce good quality material that can also provide some humor now and again. The Macro-Man blog (both current and original flavors) is what I’d like to be benchmarked against. Although realism demands that I view that as a Platonic ideal and I’ll leave it as my aspiration.

Although I expect any initial plans to get sacrificed quickly, look for financial markets commentary focusing on value and quantitative research. Not everything will be quantitative; I’ve been around long enough to know that you can’t model everything. Incidentally, while I have a background in engineering, I’ve had to re-educate myself in the mathematical arts. Years of being a knuckledragger in the ring making markets (see the photo in the header — not me, though. Those guys are from the gold futures ring when it was how I hedged my options) had me focused on liquidity provision and reaction. I have to reset my perspective; this blog will document at least some of that. Expect quite a bit about options as that has been my specialization for over a deca- , er, a while.