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Ari Pine is the founder of Pine Research & Trading.

Ari is now focusing on Pine Research & Trading. In addition to the blog, Pine RT produces a weekly chartbook and will soon begin proprietary research on volatility, macro-investing and individual equities.

Ari just closed up shop as a market maker of gold and silver options for both Comex and metals ETF options. After about 10 years in gold options, it is time for a new intellectual challenge. Ari ran his market making business based on tight risk management and efficient technology. He and his team developed its own risk management system to handle integrated futures options and ETF options positions. That software also integrated multiple on and off floor trading systems to be able to run a seamless book across assets & markets.

Prior to gold and silver options, Ari was an analyst/trader for a long volatility hedge fund where he was privileged to work with two very smart, ethical veteran traders. Before that opportunity, Ari co-founded Premium Research with a good friend. Unfortunately an idea before its time, Premium Research calculated volatility surfaces for all US stocks and allowed users to run queries online. That firm grew out of his market making of stock options on the Pacific Exchange in the late 90’s. Ari started out trading debt at JP Morgan. Along the way, in addition to market making, he has taken proprietary positions in everything from Yen volatility, metals relative value, long and short volatility positions, to Bond-Bund spread trading.

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